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Medtrans Pro faq's

  • What is MedTrans Pro?  MedTrans Pro is an integrated software program specifically designed to support non-emergency medical transportation companies.
  • Who developed MedTrans Pro?  MedTrans Pro was developed by a team of software engineers and designers working hand-in-hand with one of Western New York’s busiest and fastest growing independent transportation companies, Rochester Medical Transportation.
  • Is MedTrans Pro a state-of-the-art software program?  MedTrans Pro is continuously updated. It changes and grows with the changing needs of the medical transportation industry.
  • Is MedTrans Pro just for big companies?  Not at all! MedTrans Pro can support any sized company.
  • Is MedTrans Pro expensive? MedTrans Pro is more affordable than you may think. One of our Med Trans staff will review your needs and create a software package that will work for you. We then send a written proposal and price quote for your review.
  • What about custom features?  MedTrans Pro will be customized to fit the exact needs of your business.  Our expert programmers will modify MedTrans Pro to your specifications prior to installation. 
  • Is there training?  Three complimentary training sessions are included with your purchase.
  • Is support available?  Absolutely, and the first thirty days are free!
  • What if my business operates in more than one state?  MedTrans Pro is designed to handle one or more divisions and will be set-up to recognize regulatory and fee differentials from division to division or state to state. 
  • Is MedTrans Pro easy to use?  Yes!  Once installed and set-up for your company, employees will be able to learn to perform their functions within minutes.
  • Will everyone have access to all the features and functions of MedTrans Pro?  No!  The MedTrans Pro set-up module allows you to pick and choose which functions each employee will have access to. This provides you with greater security and fewer data entry errors. 
  • Can I try MedTrans Pro?  Yes!  When you are ready to log on, our experienced staff will walk you through a one hour demonstration of MedTrans Pro and answer any questions you might have at that time.

Six Integrated Modules Customized to Fit Your Specific Business Needs!

  • Client Demographics
  • Scheduling
  • Real Time or Scheduled Dispatch (with colors and sound)
  • Accounting (Billing, Posting and Collection)
  • Reports
  • Set-up

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